Website Accessibility

Ensuring that everyone can access our web site fully is the main priority for us. We have endeavoured to make sure the site is accessible to all and would welcome your comments on this matter by telephoning 01245 234 134.

We have designed the website taking into account the guidelines provided by the Disability Discrimination Act and have made the site W3C compliant. W3C is a website validating service which aids website creation in removing any errors, typos or incorrect uses of coding so there are no usability issues.

All pages on this site have passed the W3C validation tests for HTML5 with CSS3 styling and Graphics, 3D & Effects:

We have…

- avoided use of frames which text readers and special browsers find difficult to interpret
- used a web safe font to make the text easy to read
- used alternative text for all images to provide a useful description used a clear colour scheme

Should you wish to change the way you view the website, such as the text size or the colour of hyperlinks you will need to change your browser settings. For instructions please visit the W3C website by clicking here.