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Repeat Prescriptions Online.

This service is for repeat medication. A repeat medication is usually a medication that you have been taking safely for a few months. We can only offer repeat prescriptions for patients of the practice who have previously been consulted at our clinics. *

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How do Our Repeat Prescriptions Work?

The repeat prescription will be charged at £40 in advance. The pharmacy that fills your prescription may set their own additional charges for dispensing the medication.

If there is a query regarding your request, your doctor may invite you to make an appointment if the medication is not safe to be prescribed. You may request a refund of the script charge or put it against the cost of your review consultation.

How do I get my Script?*

You can choose from:


- Collect your prescriptions from a Private GP Services clinic of your choice.

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CLOUDrx (Home Delivery)

- Have it delivered to your home address through Cloudrx. Even with the delivery charge the medications are usually cheaper than the high street. Fast and regular delivery options are available.  

- It’s an excellent service for a script that is longer than a month in length,  or hard to get medication like HRT or weight loss injections.

- The delivery address will be the address registered with us. Please make sure it is up to date.

- You can see what has been prescribed and the cost before paying.

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SIGNATURErx (Mobile/Email) 

- Have the prescription text your mobile phone and/or email. These prescriptions are widely accepted by Boots, Lloyds, Tesco, Morrisons and often your local friendly pharmacy.

- This is INSTANT and you can get your medication anywhere in the UK.

- You can also forward the message to a family member if you want them to get your medication – they’ll just need to know your date of birth to collect it, 

- You can also call your pharmacy with the code on this text and they will put the medication through for you ready for you to collect. We are happy to do this for you if you might find this difficult, just note it on the request. 

- You can only see what you have been prescribed when you present at the pharmacy and they let you know the cost. 

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Post is no longer recommended as a method as the postal service varies greatly in reliance. Please only use this to option if you have no other choice and are not in a rush. If the script goes awry, you will need to pay again for a new prescription. If you would prefer a paper script, please arrange to collect it at the surgery.

*Controlled drugs require a face to face or video appointment as they are not often available on repeat and are tightly regulated. A consultation does not guarantee a script, and your consultation charge is not refundable if the doctor is unable to prescribe. We’ll contact you when your prescription is ready for your payment and collection instructions but if you have not heard from us, please call 0330 053 3745

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Trusted by Patients

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What a fab practice - from reception who raised my query with the GPs,  arranged for me to email details through, and then to the GP (Dr Peck) calling me back the same day with a treatment plan, advice, and a prescription to collect.  Real service and empathy.

Sam D.
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I was very impressed by the staff in the private GP services and the service offered. They made sure my concerns were settled and approved all my terms therefore, I'd always consider and recommend this place.

Hassan Z.
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The receptionist was lovely and helped me get an appointment the same afternoon. Staff were highly professional, polite and friendly. Dr was extremely engaged and didn’t feel rushed in my appointment, will definitely be booking again in the future.

Harry M.