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Online appointments are a quick and easy way for you to access our GP services when you are unable or do not need to attend the appointment in person. Please be aware there are some conditions that are inappropriate or we unable to adequately help with online.

Our video appointments cost £70 and last 20 minutes for new patients and 15 for existing patients.
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Please Read this Carefully

You must be a registered Private GP Services to use this service.
Not yet registered? Call us and register today.

You must be a registered Private GP Services to use this service. Not yet registered? Call us and register today.

Do not use this service for

Use this service for

(Please Call 999 for Emergency Help)

Medical issues that are urgent and need immediate attention.
Common ailments that you would usually contact your GP surgery about.
Where you expect a response during out of hours or over a weekend.
Non urgent problems that are not life threatening or serious. Please call 999 for emergency care.
Active suicidal thoughts or mental healthcare situations that pose a danger to life.
For things where you would expect to wait for a routine appointment.
Severe injuries - including loss of consciousness or deep cuts.
I am currently residing in the UK at the time of my appointment.
Seizures, shaking or a fit of any kind.
Patients who are over 18.
Heavy bleeding that won't stop.
A stroke - dropping of the face, slurred speech or weakness in the limbs.
Severe difficulty breathing.
Signs of sepsis - slurred speech, extreme shivering, passing no urine, severe breathlessness, feeling like you're going to die, skin mottled.
Signs of a heart attack - heavy weight, like a belt being tightened around your chest or any pain that moves into your neck or jaw or is associated with feeling unwell.
Book a Video Consultation
Book a Video Consultation

Trusted by Patients

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What a fab practice - from reception who raised my query with the GPs,  arranged for me to email details through, and then to the GP (Dr Peck) calling me back the same day with a treatment plan, advice, and a prescription to collect.  Real service and empathy.

Sam D.
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I was very impressed by the staff in the private GP services and the service offered. They made sure my concerns were settled and approved all my terms therefore, I'd always consider and recommend this place.

Hassan Z.
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The receptionist was lovely and helped me get an appointment the same afternoon. Staff were highly professional, polite and friendly. Dr was extremely engaged and didn’t feel rushed in my appointment, will definitely be booking again in the future.

Harry M.

Why Choose Private GP Services?

Private GP Services provide fast face to face appointments delivered by our friendly, professional and reliable team of clinicians.

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Fast Face to Face Appointments
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Starting from 15 Minute Appointments
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Experienced and Friendly GPs
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Quick Access to Tests and Diagnosis
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A Wide Range of Health Services
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Video and Phone Appointments Available