MMR Vaccine

Measles Mumps and Rubella vaccination.

Things to know
Measles cases are on the rise. The live vaccine comes in combination with the mumps vaccination and rubella vaccine. It is a standard vaccine in the UK immunisation schedule but patients born before 1988 will not have had the mumps vaccination. Adults born 1970 – 1979 will have had only the measles vaccine and prior to 1970 there was no vaccine. The MMR is a safe vaccine, but unfounded health scares results in a big drop in vaccination hence measles is on the rise. For lifelong protection two MMR vaccination should be given.

Dosing Schedule
Two vaccines a minimum of 4 weeks apart.

Please call 01245 234 134.

Please note: You can book and pay for a vaccination appointment online (£40), but will need to pay for the price of the vaccine on the day you attend the appointment. Please provide medical records detailing prior vaccinations, or your vaccination history, in time for your consultation.

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Trusted by Patients

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What a fab practice - from reception who raised my query with the GPs,  arranged for me to email details through, and then to the GP (Dr Peck) calling me back the same day with a treatment plan, advice, and a prescription to collect.  Real service and empathy.

Sam D.
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I was very impressed by the staff in the private GP services and the service offered. They made sure my concerns were settled and approved all my terms therefore, I'd always consider and recommend this place.

Hassan Z.
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The receptionist was lovely and helped me get an appointment the same afternoon. Staff were highly professional, polite and friendly. Dr was extremely engaged and didn’t feel rushed in my appointment, will definitely be booking again in the future.

Harry M.