Concussion is a term used to describe mild traumatic brain injuries that occur when linear and / or rotational forces are transmitted to the brain usually from a direct blow to the head, face, neck or elsewhere on the body resulting in transmitted forces to the head. On suspecting a concussion, individuals should be removed from activity immediately and should use the phrase ‘if in doubt, sit them out’.

Concussion typically results in short-lived impairment in function which usually resolves spontaneously, with typical symptoms including headaches, don’t feel right, pressure in the head just to name a few. A full list of the 22 concussion symptoms can be found on the Sports Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT 5) which has been developed by the Concussion in sport group.

The SCAT 5 is a standardised tool used by medical professionals to evaluate people aged 13 years and over who have experienced a concussion; children aged 12 years and under will utilise the Child SCAT 5 assessment tool.

Under the supervision of healthcare professionals, the individual will be safely progressed through a graduated return to activity with regular assessment of their symptoms and psychometric and cognitive testing. For a non-professional athlete, the fastest an adult can return is 19 days, whilst 19 years of age and under is 23 days to complete the graduated return to activity protocol.

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What a fab practice - from reception who raised my query with the GPs,  arranged for me to email details through, and then to the GP (Dr Peck) calling me back the same day with a treatment plan, advice, and a prescription to collect.  Real service and empathy.

Sam D.
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I was very impressed by the staff in the private GP services and the service offered. They made sure my concerns were settled and approved all my terms therefore, I'd always consider and recommend this place.

Hassan Z.
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The receptionist was lovely and helped me get an appointment the same afternoon. Staff were highly professional, polite and friendly. Dr was extremely engaged and didn’t feel rushed in my appointment, will definitely be booking again in the future.

Harry M.